Onsite Physical Records Management

Onsite Physical Records Management


Some customers prefer to store their information on-site at their premises. UE-ECM can provide your company with a bespoke on-site document management service.

We will provide the staff and expertise on your premises, along with file racking, systems and processes to set up. Customers can retain best practice for records management at their premises if there is a requirement to keep information on-site.

UE-ECM will assess your specific requirements and can provide:

·         The staff and system to fully manage and operate your on-site document management solution to fit seamlessly into your day-to-day operation.

·         A review of your premises to advice on the best storage environment for your records.

·         A review of your current operation and provide a best practice solution for an on-site archival system.

·         Advice on the document management and retention policies suited for your records.

·         A clearly defined process and training for your own staff on the new records management procedures.

·         A central database of all records.

·         A barcode technology records management system, providing your company with a complete audit trail of your records.

·         Track the life cycle of each record - from creation to destruction.

·         A clear reporting structure to control the archiving process.



UE-ECM file cataloguing and indexing is critical to the provision of a full audit trail for your records. It allows for files to be recalled individually, instead of the need to recall the whole box.

If a file needs to be recalled from secure storage, your office simply cites the reference field of the file. Our customer service representative will enter this reference into your database, which will identify the exact location of the file within your Records Centre. With File Cataloguing and Indexing customers benefit from:

·         A full audit trail of file movement

·         100% file find assurance

·         Dramatic reduction of time wasted searching for individual files

·         Full inventory listing of files in storage

·         Ability to recall from storage the individual file

·         Record of due destruction date for individual files

·         If you simply want a file audit and cataloguing project completed on-site at your premises, we can deploy our team to audit and catalogue your files. At the end of the process you will have a complete inventory of your records.



We can provide all your storage equipment needs including custom designed file storage boxes providing durability guarantee. Our range includes:

·         Standard boxes to optimize transport and handling as well as rack space usage

·         Jumbo boxes for continuous feed computer paper and lever arch files

·         Tube boxes for drawings and plan prints

·         Plastic Wallets for deeds

·         Bespoke boxes to suit your particular requirements